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About Me

I am Andrea Pasqualini, a Career Development Fellow at the Department of Economics and Lincoln College, University of Oxford. This is my personal website. Think of it as an extended, modern CV.

You can find me on GitHub and Twitter, where you will find I prefer sharing code than tweets. I also have webpages at the Department of Economics and Lincoln College, although they are not very interesting.

This website is organized according to typical practices in Academia. This means that you will find the usual research, teaching and CV sections. As for other sections, read on.


I work with computers. Any researcher works with computers. Theorists might only use LaTeX and empiricists might be more focused on numerical work, normally involving Python, Matlab, or Stata. Yet, we all have a common tool, which is the computer. I like it when people provide instructions on how to replicate what they do. I am not talking about the replication narrative researchers typically include in their papers. I talk about detailed, step by step instructions on any procedure that is not trivial. Typically these instructions come as code, but they do not need to. They can also be detailed instructions presented in a mix of code lines and explanatory text, such as a Jupyter notebook. This is why my research, whenever mature enough to go public, will come with a dedicated GitHub repository with data (when publicly available), code, replication instructions and whatnot may be necessary to replicate what I do. Research is a lot about building on the giant’s shoulders. By doing this, I hope I will make it easier and faster for other people to catch up and get up and running with their thing.

Research is not the only context where the above applies. Say you are a newly enrolled PhD student and you want to understand how to build your own personal website. You may still want to have some examples so you get your website up and running in a clear, fast and understandable way. The Resources section of this website includes some of my own notes (not all of them are polished) that I disclose for other people to use. There, I hope you may find something useful to you.

I advocate the Open Source model. This is why I strive to make my work open to other people for consultation, replication and reuse.

Copyright © 2021 Andrea Pasqualini. Distributed under the MIT license.